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Current Events!

Listen To The New History Channel Podcast

After appearing in several episodes of The History Channel's Series "The Food That Built America", I have now been prominently featured in an associated podcast.

Please visit The ACast Site to listen!

Please read my recent interview with Julia Dunn on CBS 6.

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Read The Article About Me In Saratoga Today Entitled "Who: Alan Richer, The Toga Chip Guy"

This article was just published today, April 2nd, It starts on Page 3.

Click here to read!

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Watch the latest episode of the History Channel's "The FoodThat Built America "that aired on Natational Potato Chip Day, March 14. Featuring the history of Herman Lay and then rival Fritos!

Click here to watch

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John Karolefski, author of the blog Grocery Stories at: 

has written a book about grocery shopping. He had requested a quote from me about about chips -- their place in snack history, their popularity, etc.

I had provided him with a quote that I will disclose once his book is published.

Here is that quote!

"Potato chips are more American than apple pie. Compare the shelf space allotted to potato chips and apple pie in your local grocery store"

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Recent Events

On Novemeber 19th 2019, I spoke to the New York Capital Region Elfuns Club at the Hilton Garden Inn in Clifton Park NY, on the History of the Potato Chip.
The club consists of mostly retired General Electric employees.

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The Toga Chip Guy Is On The Air!

I have been interviewed about the history of the potato chip by a California based radio station, Yesterday USA  Radio Networks,  at 10:30pm New York time on Saturday, September 14th.  
Listen here!

Welcome to the TOGACHIPGUY.COM home page!

Where we are dedicated to researching and publishing the history of the
Saratoga Chip!

Saratoga Springs is rich in history, known for it's horse racing heritage, bottled water and bath houses in the late 1800's and early 1900's. What people fail to realize is that none of these claims to fame are original to Saratoga. Yes the town made a name for and improved all of them, but the only true Saratoga original is the Saratoga Chip!

Alan Richer, The Toga Chip Guy, has made the history of the Saratoga Chip his passion. He has dedicated a large portion of his post GE career toward the history of the potato chip and where it originated!

Alan is available to share his wealth of chip information via talks and presentations. His program makes a great addition to any convention or event your group is holding in Saratoga (there are over 120 hosted in town each year) and will also travel to speak and educate your group, association or organization on the history.

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….”They’re RICHER and Better”!…

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