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There Are So Many Flavors Of Potato Chips; 'Hooked' Looks At Why

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Why it matters: When Wednesday's WYWW featured a story about the incredible amount of potato chip flavors available these days, I alluded to the world class deliciousness of Ruffles Jamón. I have loved Ruffles Jamón since I discovered them on a trip to Spain back in 2014 and thought it was impossible for anyone to love these chips more than I do. But when WYWWer Jim Gallie emailed me with the following message, I realized I was wrong:

"Thanks for the link to the Ruffles Jamón chips. It pushed me to see where I could find them in the US. I discovered these when backpacking around Spain in 2004 and fell in love with them, though I thought that they were then called Jamón Jamón, or at least that is the memory my wife and I have made up about them. I now have my wife pick up a few bags whenever she takes her Spanish students to Spain. With this year's trip likely canceled, you've given me another avenue for finding them! Attached is my, much faded, homage to my favorite snack, that is hanging in my office. Looks like I'll need to update it with a fresher bag."

A framed bag of Ruffles Jamón in your office?!?! Bravo Jim, bravo.
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There Are So Many Flavors Of Potato Chips; 'Hooked' Looks At Why

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Around the corner from where I live in small-town Virginia is a Kroger's grocery store. According to its website, the store sells 20 flavors of Lay's potato chips: classic, wavy, wavy ranch, baked, barbecue, sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, lightly salted, cheddar and sour cream, limon-flavored, honey barbecue, sweet southern heat, dill pickle, flamin' hot, flamin' hot and dill pickle, cheddar jalapeno, jalapeno ranch, lime and jalapeno, kettle-cooked, and kettle-cooked mesquite barbecue.
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NEWS: Mr. Potato Head Will NOT Change, Despite Rebrand
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This rebrand will include a new, non-gendered Potato Head family with 2 large bodies, 1 small body, and various accessories. Kimberly Boyd, a Hasbro senior vice president, stated, “The way the brand currently exists — with the ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ — is limiting when it comes to both gender identity and family structure.” However, the classic Mr. Potato Head will NOT change.

The “Create Your Own Potation Family” line will arrive this fall, and Hasbro hopes it will allow kids to “represent their own experiences.”
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Wisconsin's Parthenon Gyros Guilt-Free Snack, Yogurt Chips

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MADISON, WI - How great is this? You can have potato chips that aren't bad for you. They are the Yips Yogurt Chips – made with Greek yogurt – now available at Parthenon Gyros in Madison, Wisconsin, which brought gyros to the state in 1972.
“Imagine a bowl of Greek yogurt with all your favorite toppings, all packed into a chip,” Erin Vranas, co-owner of Parthenon and Yips founder told The Cap Times. Or, as she puts it, "head Yipster." “It's a sweet, crunchy, guilt-free snack.”
Vranas owns Parthenon with husband Dimitri Vranas, whose family has run the restaurant for three generations. Vranas and her husband bought the restaurant from Dimitri’s parents in 2017.
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George Crum (1824-1914)

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In acknowledgement of Black History Month, The Royal Gazette continues the publication of stories throughout February on African-American and global African people, events and institutions, and their contributions in history
George Speck, later known as George Crum and long thought to be the inventor of the potato chip, was born on July 15, 1824 in Saratoga County, New York, to parents Abraham Speck, an African-American, and Diana Tull, a Native American of the Huron Tribe. He had a sister, Catherine “Kate” Speck. Both George and Kate Speck identified as members of the St Regis band of the Huron. George Speck spent his youth as a guide in New York’s Adirondack Mountains from 1834 to 1850. He was an animal trapper, specialising in capturing wild ducks and deer.
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Van packed withchips goes ablaze

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No one was injured during a fire in Thunder Bay that started in a delivery cube van on Wednesday.
Thunder Bay Fire Rescue responded to a 911 call of the van on fire beside a Circle K on Edward Street North at 10:30 a.m.

When firefighters arrived they found the van full of potato chips fully ablaze.
See the full story in the print and digital editions of The Chronicle-Journal.
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WATCH: TikTok user goes viral after making mashed potatoes from chips!

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Starley Reed went viral on the video-sharing app after she posted a short video documenting how she substituted potato chips for actual potatoes when making the staple side dish. 
The clip has been viewed more than 12.4 million times and has received more than 1.5 million likes and 37,000 comments. 

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I-10 eastbound closure due to spilled potato chips

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BENSON (KVOA) - The Arizona Department of Transportation put out a warning on Twitter confirming that I-10 eastbound had lane restrictions due to numerous boxes of potato chips that spilled onto the freeway.
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Detroit group uses donated potato chip bags to make sleeping bags for the homeless

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DETROIT – Do you like potato chips? A group is asking for your potato chip bag when you’ve finished it.
Erada Jere Oleita and Allante Steele work with the Chip Bag Project. They’re collecting chip bags to turn them into products that can help the homeless.
READ: More community news coverage
“We’re taking foil, like chip bags. So your potato chips, Doritos, Cheetos, Better Made Chips, and turning them into sleeping bags and other products for the homeless,” Oleita said.
The pair said it’s their way to help those without shelter brave sleeping outside during the winter months.
“No one ever wants to be there. No one wants to be in that place. It just sometimes happens. When people are in that place, they feel like they don’t have any help or any money, or anyone in their corner. In reality, people in the community, are willing to help,” Steele said.

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Herman Lay, who built Lay's potato chips, has Greenville ties, will be on HISTORY Channel

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The founder of an internationally known potato chip brand has a Greenville connection and will be featured in an upcoming special on the HISTORY Channel.
Herman W. Lay, founder of Lay’s potato chips, who was later head of the Frito-Lay Company, and then helped create PepsiCo, Inc., spent his grade school years in Greenville and attended Furman University on an athletic scholarship. That story, along with the one of how Lay built his own business from snack distributor deliveryman to company owner, will be part of the series titled “The Food that Built America.” The series, which is now in its second season, airs Sunday, 9 p.m. ET, Feb. 14 on The History Channel.
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Cheetos and Sancerre: The pandemic art of junk food and wine pairings

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By Dana McMahan
It took a bag of Cheetos and pile of Arby’s roast beef sandwiches to remind me that wine can be a culinary experience. That, and Vanessa Price’s book "Big Macs & Burgundy."
I don’t think I’m alone in viewing wine for the last year as just one of the major food groups seeing us through pandemic life. I’d honestly forgotten the joy of appreciating a new-to-me bottle, when COVID-19 has called for a box of wine that I serve in bistro glasses to be on the grocery list on repeat. Besides, I’m more of a bourbon girl.
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The Food That Build America | New Season Coming Soon

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Ready for a second helping? The #FoodThatBuiltAmerica returns for a special sneak pre… See More

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Who Invented the Potato Chip?

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The credit for America’s greatest inventions is often a matter of controversy. The telephone: Alexander Graham Bell or Elisha Gray? The radio: Guglielmo Marconi or Nicola Tesla? The airplane: Gustave Whitehead or the Wright Brothers?
Add to that illustrious list: the potato chip.
The most common origin story for the potato chip involves Moon’s Lake House, a popular restaurant in the resort town of Saratoga Springs, N.Y. But even there, at least five different men and women have been credited as its creator. What’s more, food historians suggest the chip probably wasn’t invented in Saratoga—and possibly not in the U.S. at all.
The Saratoga Story
The most popular potato chip legend goes like this: One day in 1853, the shipping and railroad baron
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Most potato chips are made out of state and not from Idaho’s famous spuds. Except these

It’s no secret Idaho is known for its potatoes, but when it comes to potato chips, most are grown somewhere else.
That’s something a Treasure Valley family decided to change.
Brothers Marc and Kyle Nehring put their heads together a few years ago and set out to create an authentic, savory potato chip made from real Idaho potatoes. Fast forward to present day, and their Teton Valley Brands’ “Real Potato Chips” can be found on store shelves across the Treasure Valley and in Hailey, Idaho Falls, and Jackson, Wyoming.
5B24%5D,%20%5B25%5D,">Cornelius Vanderbilt was dining at Moon’s Lake House. Disappointed by the fried potatoes he’d been served, he sent them back to the kitchen, asking for more thinly sliced ones. George Crum, a famed chef of Native American and Black heritage, took umbrage at the request and, in an “I’ll show him!” mood, sliced some potatoes as thin as he could, fried them to a crisp and served them to Vanderbilt. To Crum’s surprise, Vanderbilt loved them, and the potato chip was born.

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Trader Joe’s Finally Launched Everything But The Bagel Chips & We’re Snack-Obsessed

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Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning is a cult-favorite product for a reason— you can put it on, well, everything. Whether you’re whipping up some avocado toast or using it on an actual bagel, the seasoning is a quick way to add some extreme flavor to your dish. So you can imagine our excitement when we heard that the long-promised launch of Everything But the Bagel Potato Chips has finally arrived. Yep, we’ll give you a minute to process the news!

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Trader Joe’s New Everything But the Bagel Seasoned Chips Are, Well, Everything

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Few items are more iconic to Trader Joe’s than the store’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Blend. It’s the kind of stuff that’s so good you want to sprinkle it on pretty much everything. (Except maybe ice cream, but if anyone has successfully tried that, let me know!)

Because the spice blend is such a no-brainer fan favorite, it shouldn’t have come as much of a shock to me when TJ’s unceremoniously introduced Everything But the Bagel Seasoned Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips to store shelves. But when I spotted the news on Instagram, I audibly gasped. After recovering from the shock, I went to my nearest TJ’s to try to get my hands on a bag.

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I Tried 40 Bags of Plain Potato Chips (Yes, 40!) and These Were the Best Ones

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I usually don’t give too much thought to potato chips. I either stick to the go-to brands I’ve been eating since toddlerhood or buy whatever’s on sale. After all, aren’t they all pretty much the same? Nope! Although all potato chips are good (I mean, they’re salt, fat, and carbs in crispy form, how could they not be?), some brands have figured out how to achieve greatness. I should know because I recently spent a week tasting more than three-dozen different bags.

You see, with summer picnics and backyard barbecues on the horizon, my family and I decided it was high time to find out if there was truly one particular potato chip that was better than all the rest. So I rounded up nearly every brand I could find, in a wide range of categories, and set myself and a group of (socially distanced) discerning tasters to the important task of eating every single one. Turns out there are many, many brands of potato chips out there, even when you’re looking at just plain ol’ salted chips.

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News Anchor Eats ‘World’s Hottest Chip’ Hoping To Beat Co-Host, Fails Miserably

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The infamous One Chip Challenge has seen a slew of challengers participate in eating the “world’s hottest tortilla chip” and most attempts end in hilarious failure. CBS Philly anchors Jim Donovan and Rahel Solomon decided to give it a go on camera and it didn’t go so well for one of them.
The “one chip challenge” is simple enough. Eat one if Paqui’s tortilla chips and see if you can withstand the extreme heat from the pepper flavor of the Carolina Reaper – the hottest pepper in the world. If you can handle the heat, you’ve won the challenge.
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Ben & Jerry's Adds Potato Chips To Ice Cream In Latest Invention

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Ben & Jerry’s has released a new ice cream, and this one is sure to please those who prefer to eat their sweet and salty snacks at the same time.
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A Scottish couple created a wall made out of bags of potato chips for their wedding, and it cost just $98

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You've heard of flower walls, now get ready to start seeing bags of potato chips pinned to a wall at your next wedding event.
A Scottish couple have upped the stakes of
wedding originality by constructing a wall of bagged potato chips. Charlotte and Gavin Bell, both from Dunfermline in Scotland, created the "crisp wall" with just £50 ($65.48) worth of timber, chicken wire, leftover spray paint from decorating their house, and a couple of hours to spare. 
Charlotte said: "I've always been crisp-obsessed and everyone I know loves snacking, so the idea came about when Gavin's sister suggested we should have a cart of crisps [chips] at the venue, instead of a candy cart.
"I wanted to put my own twist on it, so we put our heads together and had the idea to make a wall full of crisp packets for people to pick from." 

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This Country Eats More Potato Chips Than Any Other

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Crunchy, salty potato chips are at the top of most people's list of favorite snack foods. In fact, per Statista, in 2019, 35.22 million Americans ate an average of 16 or more bags of chips. That's a lot of original, barbecue, ranch, and salt and vinegar handfuls of these crispy favorites. We eat them for lunch with our sandwiches, at Super Bowl parties, at night during family movie night. We like chips. In the United States, we love Lay's, which had about $1.7 billion worth of sales in 2017, equaling almost 30 percent of the potato chip market (via Statista).
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Most potato chips are made out of state and not from Idaho’s famous spuds. Except these

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It’s no secret Idaho is known for its potatoes, but when it comes to potato chips, most are grown somewhere else.
That’s something a Treasure Valley family decided to change.
Brothers Marc and Kyle Nehring put their heads together a few years ago and set out to create an authentic, savory potato chip made from real Idaho potatoes. Fast forward to present day, and their Teton Valley Brands’ “Real Potato Chips” can be found on store shelves across the Treasure Valley and in Hailey, Idaho Falls, and Jackson, Wyoming.

Spain was home to a salty treat dispenser

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Why it matters: Today's dose of mental vacationing is a tasty one.

After sharing my lengthy account last week about the love affair my household has with Julius Pringles, WYWW reader Leanne Battle made my week by sending me this photo. That, my friends, is a vending machine that dispenses nothing but Pringles. Simply divine!

You gotta make your way to Palma de Mallorca, Spain, to get in on this yumminess. Where there's a will, there's a way!

PS: WYWW reader Destini also sent me a funny Pringles-related pic. You can view it at
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The Real and True History of Julius Pringles, The Man on the Can

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In an interview with The New York Times in 2013, humor writer Simon Rich discussed the importance of Wikipedia to his work. It’s his main resource for researching a story, and often also his starting point. Rich believes he should be able to click Wikipedia’s “random article generator” tool, land on any given page, and stretch a few choice details into an entertaining yarn. I agree with him. That core philosophy — that the truth is stranger (and funnier) than fiction — consistently leads me down some bizarre tunnels and byways of the world’s largest encyclopedia.
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13 Capital Region Myths That We Fact-Checked for Posterity’s Sake

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Myth: The potato chip was invented at Moon’s Lake House on Saratoga Lake.

SL says: Questionable. Moon’s cook George Crum did serve potatoes fried to a crisp in 1853, but an earlier published cookbook listed a recipe for what could only be described as a potato chip.
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My Extremely Opinionated Grandma Rated Popular Trader Joe's Snacks, And She Did Not Hold Back

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Perhaps you remember my very hilarious and opinionated Grandma Lenny. She's 93 years old and she lives across the street from her favorite store, Trader Joe's.

Due to the pandemic, my grandmother hasn't been leaving her house much. But recently, she made her first Trader Joe's run in nearly seven months. Just look at the grocery list in hand and the joy in her face.
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Gordon Ramsay reacts to Cheetos-stuffed cheeseburger recipe, jokes that he's 'turning vegan'

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Just because something tastes like cheese, that doesn’t mean it necessarily belongs on (or in) a cheeseburger.
Over the years, aspiring chefs have presented some strange dishes to Gordon Ramsay.
Even after all this time, however, he apparently still hasn’t seen everything.
The famous chef uses his TikTok channel to react to other chef’s cooking videos. While most of his posts feature him criticizing someone for not searing a steak properly or for over or under seasoning a cut of meat, he recently posted a different type of criticism.
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The New Reese’s Big Cup Is Stuffed with Potato Chips and We’re So in Love

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The new Reese's Big Cups are a little bit of sweet, a little bit of salty...a whole lot of delicious!
I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Nothing beats a Reese’s peanut butter cup.” With the perfect chocolate-to-peanut butter ratio, how could you not love them? But now it’s time to welcome a new addition to the peanut butter cup family. It’s a sweet and salty treat you have to try.
Introducing the Reese’s Big Cup with Potato Chips
These special Reese’s Big Cups include the same simple ingredients as the classic peanut butter cups and throw in something a little unexpected. I’m talking about potato chips. It’s the perfection of a sweet, rich Reese’s peanut butter cup with a side of savory crunch. How was this not already a thing before?
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Odd assignments

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Not long ago while my wife and I were watching a comedy show, one of the characters brought up several reasons a person might be on a local TV news report. One example they gave was having a potato chip shaped like the state of Texas. At that moment we looked at each other as I paused the program and said, nearly in unison, “heart-shaped potato.”
The story of the heart-shaped potato goes back to my days at the Coffeyville Journal. The paper went to press every morning at 11 a.m. to hit the street by noon. So one February morning my city editor woke me before 8 a.m. to send me to a reader’s home where I was to photograph a potato shaped like a heart. Through the years I have crawled out of bed early to cover many a fire or breaking news story, but never a heart-shaped potato. There were no palm-to-the-face emojis then, but I would have filled a screen with them after that phone call.
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Karen Huger Has an Outrageous Method of Eating Potato Chips
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When Karen Huger appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on November 8, she defended her choice to drink milk with dinner on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. But Karen's dairy cravings were just one of the unusual culinary habits that came up for discussion. 
When spilling some fun facts about herself, the grande dame announced: "I like licking salt off potato chips, but you'll never catch me eating the chip." She added, "It's real, I don't!" (Peep another fun fact in the clip above — this one pertains to Karen's interaction with Rihanna.) 
In the meantime, it's said that
Andy Cohen himself has a rather quirky way of eating chips. His assistant Daryn Carp once shared that her boss enjoys licking the flavoring off each chip in a bag of Doritos. 
Want more
The Real Housewives of Potomac? New episodes air every Sunday at 9/8c or catch up on this season through the Bravo app.
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Wartime Love Story | Letters sealed away for 75 years brought back to life
Stacks Image 648
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — It’s no secret, stories from the greatest generation are fading with each passing day. Of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II, only 300,000 are left. 
Some of their stories are documented in film, others in museums. That wasn't the case for Melissa Swan’s parents, Sam and Mary Swan.
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Pringles releases a 161 cm long can that's taller than most Asians

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Ah potato chips.
They're the perfect snack if you're having the munchies or while binge watching your favorite Netflix shows.
If only the can could last a little longer.

For the people of Japan, that wish was made true when Pringles released a limited edition can that was as tall as a person.
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The Milky Way is shaped like a curvy potato chip

Stacks Image 622
Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is warped. It looks like a misshapen potato chip. And, there’s a new 3-D map that brings the contorted structure of the Milky Way’s disk into better view.
The Milky Way’s disk is usually depicted as flat. But previous observations had revealed that the galaxy is curved at its edges. The new study shows that the Milky Way is even more warped than scientists had thought, says Dorota Skowron. She is an astronomer at the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw in Poland. Imagine you took a spaceship into deep space and looked back at our galaxy. “You could see by eye” that it’s misshapen, Skowron says.

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Beyond Tenders: Tully’s, Terrell’s launch new CNY potato chip flavor

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Two long-time Syracuse-area food companies have teamed up to launch a new potato chip flavor that has deep roots in the Central New York food scene.
Tully’s Good Times restaurants and Terrell’s Potato Chips are launching the Honey Mustard flavor for rippled chips.
Why Honey Mustard? That happens to be the most popular condiment accompanying Tully’s famous Chicken Tenders. The chip flavor is based on the recipe used in the house-made honey mustard at the restaurants.

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The Real Reason Pringles Aren't Actually Potato Chips

Stacks Image 596
From their inception, Pringles have sought to stand out from other brands and types of potato-based snacks. Delish says they were originally marketed as "Newfangled Potato Chips," but later changed the wordy name to the now almost universally-recognizable "Pringles." 

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This is the world’s most expensive potato chip

Stacks Image 583
The Swedish brewery St. Eriks has a unique set of potato chips that are — as far as we know — the most expensive potato chip in the world.
The chips were created to draw attention for charity donations, Moss and Fog reports.
There are five different flavors of these chips:
  • Matsutake (a rare form of mushroom)
  • Truffle seaweed (a seaweed that taste like truffles)
  • Crown Dill — The dill comes from the Bjäre Peninsula in southern Sweden.
  • Leksand Onion — Leksand onion, a rare onion in Sweden.
  • India Pale Ale Wort — This comes from a malt using beer.
These chips reportedly cost $56, per Elite Traveler.

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Most potato chips are made out of state and not from Idaho’s famous spuds. Except these.

Stacks Image 570
It’s no secret Idaho is known for its potatoes, but when it comes to potato chips, most are grown somewhere else.
That’s something a Treasure Valley family decided to change.
Brothers Marc and Kyle Nehring put their heads together a few years ago and set out to create an authentic, savory potato chip made from real Idaho potatoes. Fast forward to present day, and their Teton Valley Brands’ “Real Potato Chips” can be found on store shelves across the Treasure Valley and in Hailey, Idaho Falls, and Jackson, Wyoming.
Read more here:

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The Most Over-the-Top Potato Chip Flavors Ever

Stacks Image 557
Don't talk to me until I've had my cappuccino-flavored chips. Part of Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" contest where the chipmaker lets snackers choose between three fan-submitted flavors, this java-inspired flavor was not a hit with caffeine or potato lovers.

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Here Are the Winners of the 2020 Men's Health Snack Awards

Stacks Image 544
NOT SURPRISING: One third of Americans admit that they’re snacking more than they were before the pandemic, according to the 2020 Food and Health Survey.
Actually kind of surprising: Most people are
maintaining their weight despite this snack bonanza, a 2020 survey from the research firm Hunter found.
You could credit shelter-in-place go-getters who have taken control of their diet by
grocery shopping more and dining out less. But some of the kudos should go to snack companies. Really.
Even before the cluster that is COVID-19 hit, consumer demand for healthy snacks had led companies to start making healthier products. (Enter
the kale chip.)
Over time, that pipeline of new products aligned with a rise in more nutrition-minded, captains-of- their-kitchens consumers, and whammo, we now find ourselves in the midst of a healthy-snack boom.

All that said, a great-tasting, truly nutritious snack can still be hard to find. For every bag of healthful salmon-skin chips (a real thing), there’s also a box of not-so-healthful Totino’s mozzarella-filled Takis Fuego Bites (also a real thing).

Stacks Image 526

Not a Fan of Hawaiian Pizza, Processed Cheese, and California Rolls? Blame Canada

Stacks Image 531
CONSIDER HAWAIIAN PIZZA: THE DIVISIVE pineapple-and-ham topped pie is viewed as an abomination by many pizza lovers, including the president of Iceland, who once threatened to ban it. Consider, too, boxed mac and cheese. In a world of wonderful noodle dishes, from silky cacio e pepe to ramen served in a rich broth, Americans dump milk and neon-orange cheese powder on a bowl of macaroni and call it dinner. Even sushi, far from its native Japan, can find itself transformed into pan-fried “sushi pizza,” adorned with all manner of sweet and fatty sauces.

Stacks Image 513
The 15 Indian Chip Flavours You Love And Hate Will Accurately Reveal Your Age
Stacks Image 518
The rules are simple: Pick your stance on these delicious flavours, and — if you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting the flavour listed — choose how you feel about it based on the name and appearance!

The Craziest Fast Food Item

Stacks Image 318

If the idea of putting Fritos on top of your pizza appeals to you, it shouldn't be a deal breaker that you have to put them on the pie yourself (though Little Caesar's does provide the corn chips). It's almost like you made it entirely by yourself.

Stacks Image 500
Aldi's Fried Pickle Ranch Chips Combine Two of Your Favorite Flavors in One Tasty Snack
Stacks Image 505
Nearly every state fair has been understandably cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and limited gathering sizes. If you're missing the grandstand rides and crowds of people, we (unfortunately) can't do much to help there. But on the food front, Aldi has you covered.
If you look forward to indulging in all the fried fare each summer, you'll definitely want to add this new item to your Aldi shopping list ASAP: Clancy's Fried Pickle Ranch Wavy Potato Chips.
Similar to the here-today, gone-tomorrow Lay's Fried Pickles With Ranch chips that were part of Lay's limited-edition "Taste of America" flavor series, Clancy's version should be available at your local Aldi starting around September 2—and for just $1.69 per nine-serving bag. (We were wild about the brand's Dill Pickle Popcorn, so we can't wait to try these!)
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10 Surprising Foods with More Sodium Than a Bag of Chips
Stacks Image 479
When you think of potato chips, chances are you think of salty, crunchy goodness, right? And seeing that sodium is a nutrient that we're cautioned to be mindful of, potato chips inherently fall into the category of processed foods we should probably limit.
Though we need to eat some sodium to keep our bodies running efficiently, too much salt isn't a good thing and it can cause us to retain water or cause more serious health problems—especially if you suffer from conditions like high blood pressure.
While enjoying a salty snack every once in a while can be part of a healthy diet, it's important to be aware of some sneaky places where sodium could be hiding. Here are 10 foods with more sodium than a bag of potato chips (or about 15 chips).

When you think of potato chips, chances are you think of salty, crunchy goodness, right? And seeing that sodium is a nutrient that we're cautioned to be mindful of, potato chips inherently fall into the category of processed foods we should probably limit.
Though we need to eat some sodium to keep our bodies running efficiently, too much salt isn't a good thing and it can cause us to retain water or cause more serious health problems—especially if you suffer from conditions like high blood pressure.
While enjoying a salty snack every once in a while can be part of a healthy diet, it's important to be aware of some sneaky places where sodium could be hiding. Here are 10 foods with more sodium than a bag of potato chips (or about 15 chips).
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VIDEO: Bear wanders into grocery store, grabs bag of Tostitos, dines by trash can
Stacks Image 466
KINGS BEACH, Calif. (KUTV) — A bear wandered inside of a grocery store Tuesday night, nonchalantly grabs a bag of Tostitos chips with his mouth and heads back outside – and it's all caught on camera.
Stacks Image 448
The Dirty Reason Why a San Antonio Tortilla Company Has “Sanitary” in its Name
Stacks Image 453
Mexican cuisine, though broadly popular in Texas today, has long been the target of denigrating epithets and imagery. Think “Montezuma’s revenge.” Or descriptions of, say, an enchilada platter as a heavy, greasy “gut bomb.” And let’s not forget Taco Bell’s talking chihuahua. A personal favorite is the wildly sensationalistic accusation in a 1910 El Paso Herald op-ed article that “Death Lurks In Tortillas.” For centuries, travelogues, newspaper dispatches, and government regulations associated Mexicans and their dishes with danger. Among the best documented victims were San Antonio’s chili queens. These women set up food stalls in the city’s plazas, including near the Alamo, as far back as the 1880s. At first, they were welcomed, garnering favorable mentions in travel guides and magazines. But local opinions changed. The vendors and their food were eventually viewed as potentially perilous to one’s health. Politicians regulated the chili queens out of business by the 1940s. And you can hear echoes of this history in a word that’s still used in the name of at least one tortilla business: “sanitary.”
Stacks Image 434
Homegoods Is Selling a 'Hocus Pocus' Chip and Dip Tray That Gives off Major Witchy Vibes
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Somehow, we’re already just over a month away from spooky season. That means it’s time to start filling your surroundings with every Halloween-themed product you can find. To help you out with your kitchen space, HomeGoods is selling a Hocus Pocus-inspired witch hat chip and dip tray.
@coocooauntie spotted the tray along with other Halloween decor—light-up plastic trees, music boxes, and figurines—at a HomeGoods. The tray is shaped like a black hat and has an orange stripe that reads “Hocus Pocus” on it. Fittingly, you can take the pointy part of the hat off and fill it with dip. The space around that is meant for the chips, of course. The tray costs around $25, according to HomeGoods shoppers in the comments of the post.
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The 5 Best Savory Snacks from Trader Joe’s
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Trader Joe’s is known for its trend-setting eats, global flavors and food mashups you can’t find anywhere else. We’re constantly trying their new snacks—from popcorn to hummus—and we’ve put together our five favorite savory bites. Add these snacks to your basket on your next Trader Joe’s run—they’re at the top of our list for deliciousness for a reason.
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Are Veggie Chips or Straws Healthier Than Potato Chips?

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If you’re trying to sneak more vegetables into your—or your kid’s—diet, swapping regular potato chips for veggie chips or sticks may seem like a healthy substitution. But nutrition experts say some of these ostensibly good-for-you snacks are just junk food in disguise.

“Those veggie sticks are super popular at my six-year-old’s kindergarten, but they’re really no better than potato chips,” says Liz Weinandy, a staff dietitian at the Ohio State University Medical Center. “They have very small amounts of spinach or tomato paste, but they’re still a deep-fried food, and they’re not going to contribute to your daily vegetable intake in a way that supports overall health.”
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Here’s What We Really Think of Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Mac and Cheese
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When I first heard the news that Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese is making its way to Walmart shelves nationwide (for only 98 cents a box/cup) by 2021, I swear that I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Without hesitation, I said ‘YES, A THOUSAND TIMES’ to sampling the new line, which includes Cheesy Jalapeño, Bold & Cheesy, and Flamin’ Hot. Ah, the simple joys of artificial coloring and flavoring! Finally, something to break up the monotony of these trying times!

Above all, my sights were set on the Flamin’ Hot flavor, a long-held fixation of mine ever since I paid a visit to the Cheetos Museum (yes, that was once a thing) back in 2017. In the interest of an expedient review, I have only tried the microwavable cup so far. Here are my honest thoughts.
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Cheetos Mac & Cheese Is Coming To Stores And We Could Not Be More Pumped To Try it
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Every time I think Cheetos is going to run out of ideas on how to absolutely run the world, they go ahead and surprise me by creating something EVEN BETTER than what they did last. Case in point? The brand is launching mac & cheese inspired by Cheetos and lunch is about to change forever.
This news was first posted by Instagrammer @Candyhunting who said the product is out now in three different flavors: Bold & Cheesy, Flamin' Hot, and Cheddar Jalapeño. Soon after their post, other Instagrammers like @SnackGator and @JunkFoodOnTheGo posted about them, with the latter even finding two flavors in stores, which is great because now that we know of their existence, we can't live much longer without
Flamin' Hot Cheetos mac & cheese in our lives.
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Cheetos Mac 'N' Cheese Is Now In Stores, And Here's What It's Like

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As of today, you can get these babies at Walmart (and other stores)! So, we decided to try two of the three flavors and tell you what we thought.
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Popular Canadian Snacks You Won't Find in the U.S.

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We know there are questions around travel amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Read our note here.
Canada is often seen as a bastion of manners and maple syrup, but another defining trait that often goes unmentioned is its unique snack selection. While a few Canuck dishes, such as poutine, have found their way across the border and onto menus around the U.S., some Canadian chocolate bars, chips, and desserts have remained exclusive to their northern home. In honor of Canada Day on July 1, here are nine popular Canadian snacks that are worth the trip across the border.
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Restaurant adds new $1 Cuomo Chips in response to alcohol mandate

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Harvey's Restaurant & Bar in Saratoga responded to the new mandate requiring bars and restaurants across the state to sell food with alcohol orders announced by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Thursday by naming a dish after him.

Matthew Bagley, co-owner of Harvey's, announced the restaurant's newest dish "Cuomo Chips" in a Facebook post on Thursday evening. The post features a picture of a receipt for "1 Cuomo Chips," priced at $1. Bagley wrote, "Here’s your food Cuomo. Come on by. I’ll buy your first chip."
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Change Your Chip

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A thicker, more flavorful and better-made chip. Better crunch, better texture, absorbs less oil, and made from a coarser grind of corn. Perfect for enjoying a favorite nacho recipe, salsa, guacamole, or straight out of the bag. Dean Street Taco Chips are made from old world recipes using the very best artisanal ingredients. They carry several health-conscious certifications, including 100% whole grain, cholesterol free, certified vegan, certified kosher, and certified gluten-free.

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Banana leaf packaging and pineapple powder: How Dole plans to eliminate food waste by 2025
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Each year, Dole grows billions of bananas—the world’s most popular fruit—along with other produce. But not all of those billions of bananas end up as food: Some portion of them are lost along the supply chain, wasting energy, money, and nutrients. And the company also generates waste from the parts of the fruit that don’t get eaten. In the next five years, the company plans to eliminate those losses entirely.

In R&D labs, the company is now exploring ways to turn pineapple skins and banana leaves into packaging, developing new snacks from misshapen produce that grocery stores don’t want, and processing excess waste in biogas facilities that turn food into electricity to power its processing plants.
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Beyond Tenders: Tully’s, Terrell’s launch new CNY potato chip flavor
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Two long-time Syracuse-area food companies have teamed up to launch a new potato chip flavor that has deep roots in the Central New York food scene.
Tully’s Good Times restaurants and Terrell’s Potato Chips are launching the Honey Mustard flavor for rippled chips.
Why Honey Mustard? That happens to be the most popular condiment accompanying Tully’s famous Chicken Tenders. The chip flavor is based on the recipe used in the house-made honey mustard at the restaurants.
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How ‘Parasite’ caused a surge in Spanish potato chip maker’s sales
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Feeling proud and grateful, Cesar Bonilla, 87, is still baffled by a surge in demand for his canned potato chips after a tin briefly appeared in the award-sweeping Korean film “Parasite,” making his small company in northwestern Spain hire more staff.
“I’d say to him (film director Bong Joon-ho) a thousand thanks for being on target. I have tears in my eyes when I think about it,” he told Reuters after watching a clip from the dark comedy where the encroaching Kim family feasts on food and drink at the house of their rich employers in their absence.
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This video of a potato chip bag-sealing trick has over 10 million views
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By Ronnie Koenig
Achieving an impenetrable seal on an open bag of potato chips (without a clip) is usually a pretty difficult feat.
Padma Lakshmi recently posted a video on Twitter of a surprisingly simple yet effective way to seal up a bag of chips. Now the truly mesmerizing clip has over 10 million views.
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It took a court to decide whether Pringles are potato chips or not…
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Chances are, you probably haven’t given much thought to that can of Pringles other than wondering “how do I get the last few potato chips out of the tube without greasing up my arms?”

As it turns out, this salty snack has quite a story. It once was in the middle of a massive controversy that questioned the ingredients and whether the chips were actually potato chips at all.

From 2007 to 2009, the makers of the “once-you-pop-you-can’t-stop” chips stood in front of three different levels of the British judiciary trying to defend the decision that Pringles chips were not — by definition — potato chips.

Here’s how this comically complicated problem started. In the mid-20th century, a tax was born by way of France and England called the value-added or VAT tax. This “consumption tax” started off as a 10 percent tax on all goods bought from a business. More than 20 percent of the world’s tax revenue comes from the value-added tax making it a pretty big deal.
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The world's most unusual potato chip flavors
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Brilliantly bizarre varieties
Move over lightly salted and boring barbecue – we've uncovered some seriously inventive flavors of our favorite salty snack. From doner kebab and pizza to squirrel and chocolate, here are the most unusual varieties of potato chips tantalizing taste buds around the globe.
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Local Artisan Potato Chips Business Started by Two Brothers
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About a year ago, two brothers in Lakewood started up Denver Chip Co.  Denver Chip is an artisan potato chip business and it’s all made from scratch.
The chips are sold in Whole foods,  Sprouts, King Soopers and numerous specialty markets and craft breweries along the Front Range.
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Potato chip-hauling semi crushes Jeep in head-on crash
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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A semi-truck partially crushed a Jeep in a head-on collision in Marion County Monday morning, sending both drivers to the hospital.
When crews from the Aurora Fire District got to the scene near Ehlen Road NE and Donald Road NE, they found the semi — hauling potato chips — tipped on its side and completely blocking the road. They also found the Jeep under the semi’s trailer in a ditch on the side of the road.
A woman was the only person inside the Jeep. Even though she couldn’t get herself out of the Jeep, she was able to talk with EMTs who were able to treat some of her injuries while they disassembled the Jeep around her. After 23 minutes, they were able to free her and took her to a waiting ambulance.
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Lay’s Potato Chips Bets on ‘The Voice,’ Coachella and Snapchat
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For the next several weeks, John Legend’s favorite snack is likely to be a bag of Lay’s Potato Chips.
Viewers of NBC’s “
The Voice” will see the famous musician in an assortment of videos telling them about a range of new flavors for the snack that range from cheddar jalapeno, sea salt and vinegar Poppable and “flamin’ hot” Kettle Cooked to the return of varieties such as fried green tomato for a limited run. “Some people think of me as serious all the time,” says Legend, in a brief interview, but they will see a different side of him in the videos. “A lot of our fans are young, and I think this will be fun and exciting to them.”
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Utz Quality Foods Launches Good & Evil Snack Food Adventures!

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HANOVER, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Utz Quality Foods, LLC. once again brings fun, flavorful innovation to its diverse snack food portfolio, comprised of household favorite brands. The line-up, which became available through leading retailers on February 3rd, is designed to win with Millennials and Generation Z fans and households with families. From Zapp’s® New Orleans style “Evil Eye” Kettle Potato Chips to Good Health® Creamy Onion & Chive Veggie Chips to Utz® Ridge Cut Potato Chips, the line-up is comprised of both indulgent and better-for- you snack food offerings.
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Behind-the-scenes look at UTZ factory ahead of the Super Bowl
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HANOVER -- It's no surprise the super bowl is *the biggest day of the year for salty snacks.
At the snack food capital in York County -- UTZ -- is no stranger to the game.
"We'll go through a tractor trailer load of potatoes in less than an hour in this plant," said Dusty Lehr, plant manager.
While the winter months generally tend to be slower for the company, Lehr says the super bowl changes that.
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NBA All-Star Endorses Ruffles In Frito-Lay ‘Chip Deal’

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Plano, Texas-based Frito-Lay started the year with a rush of news, announcing new products as well as, for the first time, a new product created in partnership with an athlete.
The “Chip Deal” Frito-Lay announced last summer with six-time NBA All-Star Anthony Davis to endorse Ruffles has yielded a new chip flavor: Lime & Jalapeño. Davis joined Ruffles recently in Los Angeles at an exclusive gathering where more than 300 guests were among the first to taste the new product.
“The Chip Deal is transcending the notion of traditional athlete endorsement deals: pairing Anthony Davis’ commitment to impact beyond the court and bringing fans something unprecedented from a potato chip brand,” said Sadira Furlow, VP of marketing for Frito-Lay North America. “With the launch of Ruffles Lime & Jalapeño, we translated Davis’ energy and originality into an incredible potato chip flavor that is undoubtedly one of the most innovative flavors in Ruffles history.”
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All that and a bag of plantain chips
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It happens to all of us. No matter how focused we are on eating right, we have cravings. Maybe it's for something sugary sweet, or maybe you simply have to have something salty. And we all know that the foods that satisfy our need for sweet or salt usually aren't the healthiest options. But we've found something that can help: Turbana Plantain Chips.

Made from freshly harvested
plantains, these thinly sliced chips are free from GMO, gluten, trans fat and cholesterol. They have about 30% less fat than traditional potato chips, but they have 100% of the crunch. If you're looking to add more fiber to your diet, these chips can help with that.

What we especially like about Turbana Plantain Chips compared to some other brands is how thin they are. There are thicker plantain chips that taste good, but Turbana's crispy, crunchy texture makes us feel like we are eating potato chips. They also possess a popular tortilla chip trait: the ability to hold up to dipping. Whether it's salsa, guacamole or some other delicious dip, these chips will do the trick. We enjoy savory dips on Turbana's Salted Plantain Chips, and sweet dips, like
fruit salsa, pair perfectly with Turbana's Sweet Plantain Chips.

Plantain chips can get a bit pricey, with 7-ounce bags going for over $3 at grocery stores and specialty food shops. At Ocean State Job Lot you'll find Turbana Plantain Chips for $2.69. That's the regular, everyday price - not a sale price. Enjoy a bag and then email us at to let us know what you think!
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Clerk Charged After Wrong Man Shot During Potato Chip Theft
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DETROIT (AP) — A Detroit gas station clerk who authorities say was allegedly trying to stop a potato chip thief has been charged in the shooting of another man.
Prosecutors say 27-year-old Safaa Marzok was arraigned Friday on assault with intent to murder, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice and gun charges.
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They had dreams of owning a restaurant. Now they make potato chips
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The original plan was to open a restaurant. Nick and Kimberly Marckwald had lived and breathed that idea since they met. In 2015, they had the vision, owned the building and had put together almost enough money to do it. 
Then things took a turn. Today, the Marckwalds are the owners of a potato chip company with the name they'd chosen for their restaurant: Hen of the Woods. 
They left behind their ambitions to be restaurateurs to build a snack food business from scratch. Turns out, though, that the lifestyle, the mindset and work ethic of the restaurant world are what make their chip venture work.

Lay's sold the special edition chips to benefit Operation Smile, charity that helps children with cleft palates in third-world countries.
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Goats eating from potato chip bags with faces is bizarrely entertaining
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Here's a video that will make you smile -- goats eating from potato chip bags.

The pet goats are eating grains out of Lay's bags with smiling human faces on them. Their owner says she found the special edition chip bags while shopping. She thought it would be hilarious to put the bags in front of the goats' mouths, but the goats ended up putting their mouths inside the bags.

Lay's sold the special edition chips to benefit Operation Smile, charity that helps children with cleft palates in third-world countries.
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What’s the best Pa. BBQ potato chip? We ranked top brands, from Hartley’s to Middleswarth
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By Sue Gleiter |
You wouldn’t think there would be so much variety with barbecue potato chips.
After crunching our way through several top Pennsylvania chip brands, we were surprised to discover plenty of diversity. Turns out, no two manufacturers define barbecue the same.
For some it’s a sweet mesquite, while others prefer a more traditional flavoring. Some are zesty, tangy or smokey.
We decided to tackle barbecue chips
after sampling some of Pennsylvania’s finest plain potato chips this summer. After all, the state is the epicenter of potato chip manufacturers, from mom and pops to mega manufacturers.
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Detroit's Better Made roasts Lay's Potato Chips on social media: 'Read a book'
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We can all appreciate a simple, well-constructed take-down on social media.
Detroit-based Better Made Snack Foods might have the best one this week.
It all started Monday afternoon, when the official Lay's Potato Chips Twitter account tweeted an innocuous question: "Why do corn mazes get all the attention? Who'd be down for a potato maze?"
A few hours later, Better Made, which of course makes the competing Better Made Potato Chips, offered this searing response:
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Prevent pet suffocation: Potato chip bags can be deadly for pets
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TAMPA, Fla. - That potato chip bag on your counter could be deadly for your pet.
Pet suffocation from snack bags happens almost every day, but few are aware of the danger and what we can do about it.