Imitated but not equaled!
Here you will find information on other things that make the “Chip Guy” tick.
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Here is the Toga Chip Guy, Alan Richer, performing standup at Albany’s “The Comedy Works”.

Me with Yankee GM Brian Cashman

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Checking Out Some Chip Memorabilia!

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The Pub Scout Blog

Please check out the website of my fellow High School Hall of Fame Member, Kurt Epps, “The Pub Scout”

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My Cousin & I With Yankee Legend Phil Rizzuto

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Here I am With My Family alongside “Stan The Man” Musial, Cardinal Great!

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Here I am With Syracuse Men’s Head Basketball Coach
Jim Boehiem

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Here I am With Tony Bennett

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Here I am With Linda Elder

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My Last Trip To Syracuse University (My Alma Mater)

As mentioned in one of my previous blog entries, I recently had the opportunity to attend The George Arents Awards at Syracuse, their highest and most prestigious ward. Jim Brown was recognized and I had the opportunity to meet him. Quite a pleasure!
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A Great Restaurant In Italy We Enjoyed On A Recent Family Trip (Along With The Chef)

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Here I am With Michael Feinstein

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Here I am with Famed Watergate Reporter, Bob Woodward.
We actually had a discussion about the Saratoga Chip.

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Here I am with Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton

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Here I am with Carol Liefer, writer for Seinfeld & Modern Family

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Here I am with Former Notre Dame & Washington Redskins Quarterback, Joe Theisman

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