Imitated but not equaled!

Better Made Snack Food Company

Detroit based Better Made Snack Foods, founded in 1930 as one of several Detroit based potato chip and snack food companies is now the last of it’s kind standing in Detroit. Please take a moment to read the article below.

Click here or the picture below to read the entire article Snack World Magazine, October 2008

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Workers on the line at the Better Made Chip factory circa 1980

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Monitoring the production process and key environmental details that ensure Potato Chip quality circa 1980

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Michigan Potatoes Industry Profiles
Michigan is the state that produces the most potatoes that are used in chips. Michigan Potatoes is the Trade Association. It is excited to announce the first in its series of Industry Profiles video highlighting all the various aspects of the potato industry in the state. In our first video we visited Better Made Snack Foods educating consumers on how Michigan Potatoes are an integral part of one of their favorite snacks.

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