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Saratoga County man
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Mark Mulholland WNYT
Updated: August 1, 2022 - 6:40 PM
Published: July 29, 2022 - 4:44 PM

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I have recently been featured in two
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Article 1 - Vanderbilt helped invent the chip in Saratoga?
Likely a salty myth

Article 2 - Toga Chip Guy makes a second showing on History Channel

Article from Saratoga Today
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My recent interview with Julia Dunn on CBS 6.

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Article About Me In Saratoga Today Entitled
"Who: Alan Richer, The Toga Chip Guy"

April 2nd, It starts on Page 3.

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The History Channel's
"The FoodThat Built America"
that aired on
National Potato Chip Day, March 14.
Featuring the history of Herman Lay
and then rival Fritos!

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Photo from 1947 New Orleans Times-Picayune Newspaper Magazine "Munch a big bag of Dickey's Potato Chips" and Dickey's match book.   
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KELLOGG'S chip clip (31 inches long with a hook to hang on back).

Kellogg's now owns Pringles.
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Vintage Cain's Potato Chips 3 lbs Can
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Potato Chip Showcase. These were on the counters of General Stores. The customer scooped chips and placed them in a bag.
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Contoocook, NH Pine View Socony Gas Station Potato Chips Hood's Ice Cream Real Photo Postcard
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2014 Lay's Lattice Cut Chips Vintage Advertisement
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1989 La Restaurante Tortilla Chips Vintage Advertisement
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1993 Sun Chips Vintage Advertisement.  Sun Chips is owned by Frito-Lay.
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1988 Pringles Potato Chips Vintage Advertisement
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1991 Tostitos Chips Framed Vintage Advertisement
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1987 Eagle Chips / Saratoga Water Vintage Advertisement
Eagle Chips was the defunct brand from Anheuser Bush.  Pairing it with Saratoga Water is one way to create "Saratoga Chips."
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Chase's potato chip business-panel truck

The Chase family started business in Newark, N.Y. with a grocery store on the corner of East Union St. and East Avenue. While the potato chip as we know it was first introduced in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. the Chase's took a chance and started frying sliced potatoes in the barn of their home on Prospect Street. They were very successful, adding popcorn and a new product, mayonnaise, which had been originated in Philadelphia in 1907. All this was sold in stores and eventually a small chain of Chase's Restaurants followed.  
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Yankee Potato Chips
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1948 MORTON FOOD PRODUCTS Potato Chip Ford Delivery Truck 
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Vintage Label: Pure Brazilian HORSE RADISH Memphis Potato Chip Co

Many early potato chips that supplied grocery stores also carried other items including horse radish.
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A very rare find: Donald Trump advertisement for Lays Potato Chips, Doritos, Tostitos, and Ruffles. This card was included in one of the above four Frito Lay products in 200/2001. Since it was a contest to win cash, most of these cards were thrown away.

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Herr's potato chip paper advertising sign of Chipper's chalkboard.

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Boy Resting in Wagon with Bag of Laura Scudder's Potato Chips / May 1959

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Here are 3 great old cartoons from Chipper magazine, all about potato chips!

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1946 Chip Queen!

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Riegel Chips Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Chipper Convention in Hawaii

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Japanese Themed Chipper Dinner, July 1959

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Antique Potato Chip Machine

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Malone NY Flanagan Hotel~Tow Truck? Cain's Potato Chips Delivery Truck and 1940s Cars
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Louisiana MO Street View Store Fronts Old Cars Kas Potato Chip Truck Real Photo Postcard-1959
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Unloading Potatoes To Make The Chips.
A potato truck from North Dakota unloads it’s contents at the Better Made Chip Plant circa 1980

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Several Chip Bags that serve as examples of the growing “Cottage Potato Chip Industry” c. 1987

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Another contributor to the worlds largest bag of potato chips at the 2003 Ohio State Fair, The Shearer’s Potato Chip Plant is pictured above. Judging by the vehicles the image was probably taken in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s.

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Jone’ Family potato chips, with family and partners pictured here from 1965, was still going strong as a collaborator at the 2003 Ohio State fair in 2003, helping to fill the largest bag of potato chips!

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The Humko Companies 87’ yacht, docked on Lake Michigan was the company’s pride when it caught fire and sank. It was later replaced. Humko was a company that supplied shortening to the potato chip industry for cooking it’s products.

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As the snack food industry grew, automation became more important.

Top: Automated potato peeler that made the old “KP duty” less of a chore. Such machines took much of the hard work away from preparing meals along with prepping potatoes for the process of making Potato Chips!

Bottom: A man works at a machine making fortune cookies, another laborious task, until the time of automation!

Both images from The Seattle Times, Sunday, May 6, 1956

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A group of people about to enjoy some Kacy Jones Chips.

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Morton’s Potato Chip Van and Texas State Fair Display from 1940 - postcard.

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Back of postcard from 1940 Texas Sate Fair, depicting Morton’s Potato Chip Van and display.

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Chips in hand! 3 young ladies strolling with a bag of chips.

In this interior view of an unknown grocery store in Sandusky, Ohio, the container on the right that was holding Dernell’s GoldenCrisp Potato Chips stated that they were “always reliable.”

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Quincy Maid Potato Chip Co.
Top photo: man loading potatoes into a machine. Quincy, IL Circa 1950s.

Bottom photo: woman filling potato chip bags.

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Gordon Foods, Inc.
Potato chip factory (Sylvan Road, SW), Atlanta, Georgia 1958

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Lay’s Potato Chip Billboards
Here are a couple of vintage billboards from Lay’s Potato Chips

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Jake's Potato Chips
Drennon Food Products Company Building and Ttrucks, Atlanta, Georgia, 1950

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Photos of Associated Products and Distribution
at its Samboy Chip Factory, Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia, 1979

Man wearing white overalls and hat standing at conveyor belt, cutting potatoes passing along on the belt --
Women sitting at a conveyor belt sorting through chipped potatoes which are passing in front of them from a chipping machine --
Two men moving a trolley holding rolls of plastic bags --
Factory floor with large machinery, some with rolls of plastic bags passing over rollers, man standing at one machine --
Man in white overalls standing next to rollers holding plastic bags labelled potato chips --
Elevated view of room full of women filling boxes with packaged potato chips, a conveyor belt of empty boxes in front of them --
Women boxing packets of potato chips.

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Gordon Potato Chips factory in Atlanta, Georgia, circa 1940's

Potato Processing Machine
Woman boxing cooked chips
Women bagging cooked potato chips
Man at potato cooking machine

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Award presented at Gordon's foods display winner, July 1965

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Lay's Potato Chip Bus
"The Lay Line" (bus with Lay's Potato Chips and other food products displayed)" 1954 in Atlanta, Georgia

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Photograph of Millard Teal Sr. (left) and Millard 'Tom' Teal Jr. (right)
Standing outside of their business, Teal Distribution Company, in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1939. The building's address was 1428 Cowart Street. Also in front of the building is General Motors truck. Advertised on the store are Gardner Potato Chips, Lays Pop Corn, and Weston Biscuits.

Stacks Image 468

Interior view of a dairy foods vendor at the Home Public Market
Denver, Colorado; shows glass display cases, shoppers, neon signs and showcards: "Katrinka's Butter Shops Co." "NRA We Do Our Part" and "Potato Chip Factory." Circa 1930's

Stacks Image 474

1951 Musser's Potato Chip Display in Lancaster County Pennsylvania

Stacks Image 480

Teenage Boy Scouts
eating Klein's potato chips onboard a small vessel on the Mississippi River, Minnesota, circa 1950

Stacks Image 486

Louisiana MO Street View
Store Fronts, Old Cars, Kas Potato Chip Truck

Stacks Image 492

St. Francis KS Groceries Meat Store "Kitty Clover Potato Chip Popcorn Truck", circa 1907-15

Stacks Image 498

Washing & Drying Of Chips Prior To The Frying Step
circa 1980 - This process is still used to ensure a chips crispiness!

Stacks Image 504

O.K. Potato Chips - Largo Fla.
circa 1984 - Checking The Production Line In The Factory

Stacks Image 510

Cabana Foods Potato Chip Company Detroit
circa 1987 - Plant Manager Inspecting Fresh Chips

Stacks Image 516

Downey Potato Chips - Waterford, MI
circa 1988 - Mac, Rosemary, & Rebecca Hogarth, owners of the Downet Potato Chip Company, inspect their product.

Stacks Image 522

Potato Slicer
circa 1980 - An Essential Part Of The Potato Chip Making Process.

Stacks Image 528

Kitch’n Cooked Chips From Hawaii
circa 1977 - A Small Chip Company From Hawaii That Is Still Going Strong Today!

Stacks Image 534

Designer Potato Chips
circa 1987 - 4 Flavors Of Chips Available From The Chicago Based Chip Company.

Stacks Image 540

Lips Chips - Southern California
circa 1980 - First Open Kettle Made Chip In California In Over 50 Years! Designer Bag Brought $1.50 For A 4 Ounce Bag In 1980!

Stacks Image 546

New Era Potato Chip Company
circa 1978 - Picking Out Dark Chips From The Assembly Line.

Stacks Image 552

Lay’s Potato Chips
circa 1971 - Watching Individually Portions bags Roll Off The Assembly Line

Stacks Image 558

Sitting On Potato Sacks
circa 1952 - This Employee Of A Potato Chip Company Sits On An Empty Stack Of Potato Sacks Eating Her Fill Of Chips. There Was a Shortage Of Potatoes In The Early 50’s.

Stacks Image 564

Pick - n - Pay Potato Chips
Working on the bagging line circa 1965.

Stacks Image 570

Nalley’s Potato Chips
The photo below shows 3 line workers sorting chips at the Nalley’s Potato Chip plant circa 1963.

Stacks Image 576

Larry E. Burch
Executive Vice President of the Potato Chip Institute International circa 1976.

Stacks Image 582

Even Governors Eat Chips!
Wisconsin Governor Kohler celebrates the approach of National Potato Chip Week with two young ladies circa 1952

Stacks Image 588

Potato Chipper Aug. - Sept. 1964

Stacks Image 594

Potato Chipper Oct. 1964

Stacks Image 600

Note the container on the right that was holding Dernell’s GoldenCrisp Potato Chips saying that they were “always reliable.”

Stacks Image 606

Potato Chipper July, 1972

Stacks Image 612

Potato Chipper Aug., 1972

Stacks Image 618

Potato Chipper April, 1971

Stacks Image 624

Potato Chipper Feb., 1965

Stacks Image 630
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