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With more information about the recent
Beer & Chips Festival!

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Read My Interview From
The Daily Gazette
from November 9th, 2022.

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The Saratoga County History Center

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Saratoga County man
considered top
potato chip historian
Mark Mulholland WNYT
Updated: August 1, 2022 - 6:40 PM
Published: July 29, 2022 - 4:44 PM

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Listen to my interview with
WGY Mornings with Doug Goudie
regarding the Saratoga County History Center exhibit.

My latest exhibit at
The Saratoga County History Center


Potato chip exhibit to open Saturday

The exhibit is open to the public 1 to 5 p.m.
Thursday through Sunday.
For more information,
go to

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I have recently been featured in two
Times Union Articles
Please read them by clicking the links below!

Article 1 - Vanderbilt helped invent the chip in Saratoga?
Likely a salty myth

Article 2 - Toga Chip Guy makes a second showing on History Channel

Article from Saratoga Today
Featuring, your's truly, The Toga Chip Guy!

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Watch The History Channel's
The Food That Built America,
"When The Chips Are Down",
season 2, episode 3,
where I am prominently featured.

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Read my feature article in
The Saratoga Lake Association News Letter.

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Listen to my recent interview on iHeart Radio.

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History Channel Podcast

After appearing in several episodes of
The History Channel's Series
"The Food That Built America",
I have now been prominently featured
in an associated podcast.

Please visit The ACast Site to listen!

My recent interview with Julia Dunn on CBS 6.

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Article About Me In Saratoga Today Entitled
"Who: Alan Richer, The Toga Chip Guy"

April 2nd, It starts on Page 3.

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The History Channel's
"The FoodThat Built America"
that aired on
National Potato Chip Day, March 14.
Featuring the history of Herman Lay
and then rival Fritos!

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Established Circa 1924
Founded in Chicagoland by Leonard Japp. He is renowned for taking on Proctor & Gamble and succeeding with the Jay’s Brand.
Please click here to read the entire article about Jay’s Brand Potato Chips and Leonard Japp.

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Leonard Japp President of the Chip Association, 1963

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Leonard Japp President of Jay’s Potato Chips

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L.M. Japp, one of the founders of Jay’s Potato Chips, watches as starch is removed from the sliced potatoes prior to frying them.

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Elementary students take a tour of The Jay’s Potato Chip Factory circa 1984

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A Great Jay’s Ad and article featuring their introduction of Corn Chips!
March, 1960 Potato Chipper

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Jay’s Article From The South Side Weekly

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Jays Potato Chip Tin by Jays Foods Inc., 1950s
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